Reduce Misuse and Abuse of Opioids with the hc1 Opioid Dashboard.

Learn how you can proactively impact public health with a real-time view of drug use across the United States.

The Problem

The incredible amount of data that does exist is often trapped in silos, making it hard to access and aggregate. 


The inability to correlate many data sources into standardized, comprehensive information presents tremendous challenges.


Without a clear view of illicit drug use nationally, it is difficult to gain the insight required to drive positive change.

Difficult to Analyze

 Although tremendous resources are being allocated to reverse the skyrocketing death toll caused by opioid misuse, abuse, and diversion, current efforts are mostly reactive and informed by historical data. While useful, a historical view of which drugs are being prescribed and how many people are in treatment is not enough.


Identify high positivity areas and scope of the opioid epidemic. Pinpoint trends in drug positivity with real-time insight.



Government and Health Systems

Understand what the problem is, where the problem is at its worst, and who the problem is affecting. 



Public Health

Research, implement, and measure a process to manage the targeted opioid population.



The hc1 Opioid Dashboard provides up-to-the-moment, high fidelity views into how opioids are being used across the US. Armed with this live view into positivity rates, diagnosis codes, providers, demographics, and the like, government agencies and other organizations can now begin to take action earlier in the cycle – ideally before addictions form – and begin to predict where issues are developing before major public health issues occur.

hc1 Opioid Dashboard Overview

In the past 12 months, the positivity rate for Fentanyl in Indiana is more than twice as high (14%) in counties with median household incomes between $75K-$100K than lower income areas. 

Brad Bostic Introduces the hc1 Opioid Dashboard at AWS re:Invent 

Learn How the hc1 Opioid Dashboard can positively impact your community 

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